Sunday, February 14, 2010

cute things

a queue at the men's toilet in a club just because no one uses the urinals

worst breaks do not make the crowd stop dancing or throwing no-deposit-beer-bottles at the dj

to be edited / continued

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

dinner etc

had some nice dark bread.
had a bath.
flooded the neighbours.
go for a beer.
great night! really.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

the omg vault

if i ever needed to give an advice... here it is:
don't go to "the vault". the worst club ever. underaged overdressed girls waiting for fat rich guys to get laid. but they won't come. just pretend to-be-rich suckers not too fat but sadly irrelevant try-to-be-fancy guys hanging around. sad story.
the toilets are quite nice :p

there are cities where a club called vault is a legend.
that's unfortunately not in bucharest.

i wonder how many free drinks
it will take to change my mind. but i don't wanna ruin my liver...

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Friday, February 5, 2010

keine touch technology - lick it!

i gotta read this every morning on every bread package by vel pitar:
"keine touch technology"
the little description below that logo lets me know:
this bread has never been touched by man.
hail to the technological progress! it's really a relief to know that food
made for humans has never had contact with one of them.
i suppose my baker and butcher are pervs simply by feeling the need to
touch my food, beacuse it is - obviously - inappropriate.

it is rumoured, that keine is related to the romanian caine, which means dog
and touch stands for the gentle touch of a tongue.
in other words: a bunch of industrial worker dogs sitting next to a assembly line
licks each oven-fresh bread to cure it with special enzymes from their saliva.
sounds better to me than the no-man-robot-show in the vel pitar factory.

i'll think about it some more while i'm setting the first steps of my fingers into
the virgin toast. not a big deal for me, but mankind just conquered new territory.